They Need to Know You Care

by Rob Wicker

Referrals don’t happen automatically. You must create a relationship that makes them happen.  

For example, there are people who care only about facts and numbers. These people are a certain personality type and often become engineers, accountants, and scientists. However, most of us aren’t like that. We prefer more than just the facts.    

We want to be engaged on a personal level. So once you’ve delivered an outstanding level of professional service to a homebuyer or seller, you need to take your relationship to the next level. Your clients need to know that you are interested in more than revenue.

I read about a very successful financial advisor. She spends less than most of her peers on client gifts, yet her clients rave about her. They also send her a lot of referrals.

What’s her secret? She regularly sends her clients books about key aspects of their lives. If the client is having a major birthday, she may send “Life Begins at 50.” If a client has an upcoming vacation to Ireland…guess what they get?  

It’s the small, personal touches that make Realtors special in the minds of their clients. And when they think you’re special, they’ll want to refer other people to you. The book idea is a good one. What else can you do to take your client relationships to the next level?


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2 responses to “They Need to Know You Care

  1. I love the idea of giving a gift of a book for special occassions. I love giving gifts of any kind. Being a realtor allows me to help people become homeowners. What better way to make a living. Helping people buy homes. I LOVE IT!

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