Use Twitter to Your Advantage

by Emily Hall

With the ever increasing amount of people on Twitter, it’s a quick way to stay connected to the real estate industry. Go to to find up to date articles and blogs on real estate. Because the search page is linked to tweets that are constantly being updated, the information you will receive will be fresh. The twitterverse is not just for connecting with clients and companies anymore, it is a way to stay abreast of the current real estate marketing environment.

For example, I went to and typed in “real estate.” In .03 seconds I was given 20 links to real estate articles that all were tweeted at most five minutes before I hit the search button. In the time it took me to write the previous sentence, a line at the top of the page told me 40 new tweets were available.

There is no need to spend the time to go through each and every post, but a quick glance at the headlines can provide you with a cutting-edge look at the market.

For more information on how twitter can work for you, read Six Ways You Should Be Using Twitter (That Don’t Involve Breakfast)

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