Use Photographs to Make More Connections Online

by Adrian Amos

We’ve said before how important good, high quality photography is in marketing your listing. Remember, this is your first chance to capture someone’s interest – and the Wall Street Journal reported study findings that “quality photos increase the likelihood that a home will sell… for higher asking prices.”

Photography can also help you connect with your clients and prospects. Inman contributor Teresa Boardman recently shared her ideas on ways to use photography to differentiate yourself – and help you brand yourself as the expert in your niche market.

“Photography is a great way to demonstrate knowledge of a neighborhood. It shows potential clients that you know your way around and understand the community. Take a picture of a street or a building or any local scene that someone might find interesting or even ordinary.

People like to see real estate and not just read about it. They like to see neighborhoods, roads, bridges, parks, houses and restaurants.

The most popular photographs on my websites are of local parks. It isn’t because of the quality of the images — it is because I am one of the few sources for park pictures. Pictures of local landmarks and historic sites are plentiful, but pictures of neighborhood parks are rarer, and people love our parks.”

Sharing photos on your website, blog or Facebook page has never been easier. These “interest” photos can be taken and uploaded right from your smartphone. It’s worth the extra five minutes it might take to do this. Boardman points out that her Facebook posts that include pictures have three times more views – no matter what the photo is.

So if you’re looking for easy and inexpensive ways to build connections and add content online, remember your camera.

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