Top 12 Remodeling Trends for 2011

What types of remodeling projects will 2011 bring? According to a poll by CBS Money Watch and the National Association of Remodeling Industry, the 12 hot trends for this year will be smaller, must-do projects:

  1. Bathrooms will get more attention this year – they’re smaller and less expensive to upgrade than kitchens
  2. Must-do projects like repairing leaky roofs and siding will trump “want-to” projects
  3. Earth tones and warm colors will make a resurgence from the white minimalist look
  4. Decks and outdoor spaces remain popular as easy ways to maximize the space homeowners currently have
  5. Consumers are expected to work harder to protect their interests by doing more research on the contractors they hire
  6. Builders may see more clients paying in cash rather than getting loans for renovations
  7. Open floor plans are back in
  8. The new “stainless steel” is now “aged bronze”
  9. Using green products and increasing energy-efficiency remains hot
  10. Since more people work from home, the industrial look is still fashionable
  11. Homeowners want an escape and are creating more relaxation spaces in their homes
  12. Contractors are also seeing aging homeowners prepare for retirement with more accessible kitchens and bathrooms

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