Your Reputation

by Adrian Amos

“Marketing is actually what other people are saying about you,” advises marketing guru Seth Godin. Your reputation – your brand – is built by both what you do and how your clients and prospects perceive what you do. You’ve heard “Perception is Reality?” – whoever coined the phrase must have worked in real estate.

After signing a new listing, you may work very hard to properly market the home – taking quality photos, planning for print and online exposure, scheduling open houses, etc. But if your sellers don’t see all of your efforts, they may think you’re a list-and-leave type agent. What do you think they’re going to tell their friends when someone asks about their Realtor?

Here’s where Homes & Land helps. We make it easy for you to keep in contact with your sellers and show them all the ways you’re marketing their home. This includes mailing the magazine directly to your seller with a letter endorsing you and your marketing strategy. And automatically creating EZ Tours that you can easily send to your seller from the Control Panel.

Seth says “You will never keep people from talking. But you can take actions to influence the content of what they say.” Let Homes & Land help you maintain your reputation.

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