Ten Tips to Help You NOT Sell Your House!

  1. Insist your home is worth more than comparables in the neighborhood.
  2. Hire an inexperienced friend or relative to list your property then watch them struggle with the MLS.
  3. Think it’s okay for your agent not to advertise or host open houses.
  4. Don’t allow a lock-box at your door to make it as inconvenient as possible for buyers to see inside.
  5. Make sure your house is cluttered and messy – with lots of dirty dishes and full, smelly trash cans.
  6. Instead of countering low-ball offers, become insulted and refuse to acknowledge the offer in any way.
  7. Make sure the yard is as cluttered and unkempt as the inside of the house.
  8. Do not disclose problems with the property. An inspector will tell buyers at the closing and you can watch them run from the transaction.
  9. Only work with an agent who easily accepts a low commission. If they can’t negotiate for their own payment, they certainly can’t convince a buyer to pay full price.
  10. Don’t be rational, be emotional.

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