How To Get More Website Leads

by Adrian Amos

Google will soon be changing the way we find websites. Again.

Google’s latest version includes Instant Preview, which shows users a website thumbnail to preview before committing to visit via click. This means consumers will decide if sites are click-worthy faster than ever before – and this time decisions won’t be based purely on content. Design will be crucial to getting traffic.

Design blogger Pamela Wilson has suggestions for making your website “preview-friendly”:

  • Clear the clutter, including ads, social media icons and sidebar entries
  • Customize and simplify your header by using a photo or texture background and limiting fonts and colors to two
  • Have scannable content – previewers won’t be able to read the content, but they’ll be able to tell if it’s well organized

Sound familiar? The same basic design principles for good print advertising also apply to getting visitors from Google.

As Pamela says in a recent Copyblogger post, “Sure, content is king. But if your handsome king looks like an ugly toad, who’s going to pay attention?”

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