Online Only vs Customer Service

by Adrian Amos

There’s no arguing the real estate industry was changed drastically by the Internet. Lots of industries were – including travel. When was the last time you called a travel agent to book a flight or plan a trip? For me, I think it was 1998, maybe.

USA Today’s Charisse Jones reported good news for travel agents – consumers are getting tired of confusing websites and starting to call travel agents again. Jones interviewed long-time agent Suzanne Burr and found:

Burr’s business has been booming recently, in part because some people who’ve been booking their own trips on the Internet are returning to her. “They would push the button on some of these websites, and that was it,” Burr says. “There was nobody to ask a question. Nobody to ask for help. When it comes to really spending money and wanting an advocate, people are turning back to agents because people care. A computer doesn’t.”

Similarly, we’ve heard from Publishers and sales people in the field that advertisers will call them about a listing on a website that needs editing or deleting. Sometimes it turns out to be one of the 20 sites we syndicate listings to and it’s an easy fix. Sometimes though it’s a site they posted the listing to themselves and there’s no one to contact to ask for help. The agent is frustrated and the listing information is wrong.

Having real estate listings online is essential. So is having customer service. With Homes & Land you get both.

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