How Many Prospects Are You Losing?

By Adrian Amos

Homes & Land has a nationwide toll free number for consumers to request copies of magazines from around North America. It’s a good thing too. Last week one of our operators received a call from an older gentleman who was interested in one of the listings in Homes & Land magazine. The man was Interested enough in the house to request that our operator help him decipher the ad.

“The text was too small and the man simply couldn’t read what it said,” said Emily (our operator). “The agent also used ‘code’ to describe the property, so I had to tell him what SFR and BDR meant. I’ve had people call before and ask me what SQFT is – agents need to understand that they aren’t writing the property descriptions for themselves.”

When asked if she could read the ad the homebuyer called about, Emily replied: “Not really – I had to pull the ad up online so I could enlarge it.”

The agent was lucky that Emily was there to help.

The takeaway: don’t use anything smaller than a 9 point typeface in your advertising. You are writing ad copy to inform the buyer about what you have to offer. Using a too-small typeface only frustrates prospects and cuts down on possible leads for you.

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