Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

by Adrian Amos

Between Thanksgiving and New Years there are fewer buyers actively looking for a home. Does this mean that Realtors should slack off during the holidays?

The answer, of course, is no. If you are serious about making money, the holidays present an excellent opportunity. In most markets there are fewer listings taken in November and December, which means you have less competition for your inventory. And buyers that are still actively looking in this hectic season are serious about purchasing property. Even if the number of transactions in your market does not match the summer and early fall numbers, you will be amazed at how much real estate is sold in November and December. Call your BOR, see how many transactions sold last year and at what average sales price. Then multiply by the average commission. You might find the number motivational.

Here are some tips for holiday selling:

  • Make sure your listing is decorated, but tastefully so. Going overboard on decorations could negate any staging you’ve done to show the home.
  • Tell the seller that natural decorations like pine cones and holly work better than shiny plastic objects.
  • Make sure the home is warm at all times. Buyers won’t look for long if it’s chilly inside.
  • Be mindful about holiday smells – scented candles are a favorite, but too much or too many scents can turn off a potential buyer.
  • Tell the sellers to keep wrapped gifts in a closet.
  • Host a Twilight Open House with fresh cookies, warm cider and a fire in the fire place. Bring the festive season into the sales process.

One last tip: Most Realtors do go into party mode in November and December. Use this time to work hard, market your listings, and make some money. You’ll be way ahead of the curve when 2011 rolls around.

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