Random Acts of Generosity

by Adrian Amos

I got an email today from Geico (I’m a customer) telling me “Good News! You’re eligible for our Accident Forgiveness benefit.” Not only did I open it, I read it – several times. I looked hard for the small print telling me how much I would be paying for this “benefit” they were selling me, but there was nothing there.

The email says: “What is Accident Forgiveness you ask? Well, if you (or someone in your household) have an at-fault accident in the future, your premium won’t increase and you’ll keep your five-year good driver discount.” I double checked the fine print, but it was only about time (5 years) – not money. It truly is a benefit for being a safe driving customer.

I genuinely smiled and decided to spread the news. What I wanted to share is the difference you can make to your customers with simple acts of generosity. I feel like I’m in a commercial telling you “I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico.”

What can you do for your clients to make them smile and tell someone about you?

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