Need Buyers? Tell the Local Story

by Adrian Amos

RISMedia recently interviewed the CEOs of RLS Realtors and Prudential Americana for the best ways agents and brokers can counteract the negative housing information in the media. Since home sales are down and the job market is still unstable, consumers are hesitant to jump in to buy. Dick Schlott (RLS) and Mark Stark (Prudential) both counsel agents to focus on what’s happening in the local market to encourage activity.

“We’re in a tough battle right now but a lot of things are great,” says Schlott. “Discuss positive things about the market – low interest rates, better prices and how this is an extremely opportunistic time to buy.”

Stark echoed Schlott’s remarks: “It’s up to us to tell the full story. Tell consumers that ‘statistically, what the media is sharing with you is only part of the story; let me tell you the full story and specifically, how that effects [your local market].’ Show them you have all the information.”

Successes are happening, even in the worst markets. Make sure consumers know that.

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