Magazines Are Alive and Well

by Rob Wicker

There’s a lot of talk that “print is dead.” It is true that newspapers are struggling. However, magazines are posting impressive statistics:

  • 92% of all US adults read magazines
  • Magazine subscriptions are holding steady with 267 million subscribers (even in a slow economy)
  • Homes & Land prints over 50,000,000 magazines annually – 97% of which are picked up by consumers

When people say that print is dead, they need to be specific. Despite what you may have heard, magazines are alive and well.

Sources: Experian Simmons; Audit Bureau of Circulation, Advertising Age Sept. 2010; Homes & Land


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7 responses to “Magazines Are Alive and Well

  1. Alfie

    Magazines may very well be very popular for many things, but housing is not one of them. Home buyers are going to the internet to find homes, sorry..

  2. Thanks for your comment Alfie. Consumers are definitely using the Internet, there’s no question about that. In fact, it’s an important part of our marketing package. But we do print 50 million magazines that home shoppers pick up and read. That tells me that they aren’t looking online only.


  4. Sara,

    What a beautiful job they do.


  5. Hello All
    Thought I would drop a line about Buyers not reading print well I would say you are wrong in my market I print 20,000 to 25,000 and all my magazines are in stands and my return rate of left over magazines is 3% and then i put that 3% into car dealerships and where people sit and wait .So print is alive and well just look at a book store any closed down yet ? This why H&L have a Integrated marketing program Thanks for the thread all Suzan Hardy

    • Candy

      Hi Suzan,

      I agree with you, love your magazine! Your distribution for your clients is top notch. Print is alive and well just ask your neighbour if they have seen Homes and Land of the OKanagan Magazine. They will all say yes its a great buyers and sellers magazine, its picked up all the time.
      Good work!

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