Tips to Make Your Advertising Look Better

by Rob Wicker

Computers come with at least 30 fonts (also known as typefaces) installed and ready to use. However, just because you have a lot of fonts doesn’t mean you need to use them, especially all at once.

A good rule to follow is never use more than two fonts per document. This holds true for all of your advertising including print ads, brochures, flyers, and billboards. Using more than two fonts gives your advertising an amateurish feel because the ad looks unbalanced.

I see a lot of agent-designed advertising that violates the two-font rule. I’m not sure why. Maybe the agent thinks that multiple fonts will make the ad look more artistic. Or perhaps he believes that different fonts will attract attention to his ad. This may be true but it may not be the kind of attention he wants. The homebuyer may perceive the agent as a rookie because his ad looks amateurish. Another tip, depending on your style, Times New Roman and Helvetica are classic fonts for print advertising.

Also be aware of the size of your fonts. These days Baby Boomers have more spending power than any other generation of Americans. Baby Boomers are also getting older and don’t see as well as they once did. Be kind to the Boomers and don’t go any smaller than a nine-point font.

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