5 Rules For Your Website

Seth Godin offers great advice for what to put on the “About” page on your website. Consumers on your site may be interested in hiring you to buy or sell a home, which means they’re likely to visit this page to learn more about you. Make sure what you include is meaningful and likely to encourage (rather than discourage) them to contact you.

People buying or selling real estate want someone they can trust. As Seth says, “they want a human, a story and reassurance.” Here’s how to provide that:

1. Don’t use meaningless jargon. Credentials and designations are important and can help distinguish you from other agents, but not if they’re just a string of letters that don’t mean anything to the average home shopper. Tell them how your extra training will help them.

2. Don’t use a stock photo of someone who isn’t you. The more photos of you and your team, the better.

3. Make it easy to contact you. Don’t give a contact address or number that doesn’t work.

4. Be human. Write like you talk and put your name on it. Tell a story, a true one, one that resonates.

5. Use comments and testimonials from past clients to establish credibility. Make sure they’re specific, interesting and true

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