Ten Tips to Kick-Start Your Sales This Season

The official first day of Fall is just days away. (Unofficially, it started with Labor Day three weeks ago.) So, just as kids have returned to school, football is in full-swing and prime-time TV is kicking off new seasons – it’s time to get back to work and back to reality.

Sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer offers good advice in his recent article Back to work. Back to Sales. Back to reality. The gist: “Concentrate on YOUR economy, not THE economy…Help your customers with what they need and they will reward you with business and loyalty.”

Ten Tips to Kick-Start Your Sales This Season

1. Understanding THEIR reality. Unless you help your customers win, you will continue to lose.
2. Value first. Value first requires a new mindset.
3. Value perception. If the customer doesn’t perceive it, then it isn’t.
4. Daily social media activity. Social media is the new cold call.
5. Differentiation. Decide on what’s REALLY different about you. NOT what you think is different or better.
6. Helping customers. Even if they don’t accept the offer, you will win their respect.
7. Brand building. For BOTH for your product or service, AND you.
8. Creating WOW! There are huge opportunities right now to make a difference.
9. Breakfast and lunch. These are the two best times for relationship building and sales meetings.
10. Creating and capturing IDEAS. Ideas come from focused thought, an open mind, a positive attitude, and a renewed belief that you can do it.
10.5 Forget your “sales-pitch.” Collaborate with the last ten customers that bought from you. They have all the answers. It’s time to revise and revamp your value proposition, and present something new and exciting.

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