Opportunity is Knocking

by Rob Wicker

PJ Wade made an interesting point in his recent article, Standing Out in a Buyer’s Market. Ideally, the homebuyer is escorted through the listed property by a knowledgeable agent. Unfortunately, this ideal scenario isn’t always reality.

For example, a prospective buyer may knock on the front door of a listed property because he sees a sign in the front yard. Home sellers don’t always know how to respond to interested buyers, especially if the buyer is unexpected. Your seller may not be as cordial as you are, nor as well-informed. In addition, an impromptu showing by your seller when the house is a mess is probably not ideal either.

If you are the listing agent, how would you like your home seller to respond when an unexpected buyer visits? Do you prefer that your seller takes the prospect’s name and number so that you can follow up? That is probably the best advice. If so, make sure your sellers understand their role. After all, opportunity may be knocking.

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