Print Looks Strong in 2011. Here’s Why.

by Adrian Amos

“Print can still play an important role in your overall content marketing mix,” said online marketer Joe Pulizzi in his recent blog post for Seven Reasons Print Will Make a Comeback in 2011. Three of the seven reasons directly apply to Realtors and how Homes & Land helps you brand yourself and market your listings:

Getting Attention. Because of less direct mail, there is more opportunity to get attention in consumers’ mailboxes.
• Homes & Land’s direct mail programs put you there

Customer Retention. Customer retention is increasingly important, and Pulizzi states that “Historically, the reason why custom print magazines and newsletters were developed by brands was for customer retention purposes.”
• Homes & Land helps agents build a personal brand and inform past clients they’re still in the business

No Audience Development Costs. Building direct mail lists can be quite expensive and time-consuming. A “big advantage” of print is having the magazine’s distribution handle this for you.
• Homes & Land’s extensive local distribution and direct mail programs send your listings directly to consumers

And one of the most important reasons print looks strong: consumers want to unplug. “More and more people are actively choosing the unplug, or disconnect themselves from digital media… Your print communication may be just what they need.”

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