If a picture is worth a thousand words then why write 1000 more?

by Brian Delaney

One of the many advantages for Realtors who use print media is the ability to drive traffic to their website and to generate telephone inquiries. A common mistake in the use of print advertising is the tendency to describe a property in such great detail that the consumer eliminates the property based on a misconception of what they have read. Another mistake is including so much ad copy that there is not sufficient room for large photographs. People enjoy looking at big pictures. If you don’t believe this, go to Borders and browse the magazines on the House & Design rack. You’ll see a lot of large photographs because the editorial directors understand that this is what people want to see.

We all know that the purchase of real estate is an emotional decision. In fact, surveys show that as many as 72% of real estate consumers buy from the curb! The goal of your print advertising is to capture the consumer’s interest with images – and then drive them to your website or to the telephone for more information. The information used in describing a particular property should be limited, yet attention grabbing. Avoid clichés. Instead, focus on giving the reader only important information such as the general location, the price and the size of the property, coupled with ad copy describing only the property’s primary features and benefits. This way, you are more likely to generate phone calls and web traffic. Say less and you will probably get more!

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