Communicating With Home Sellers

by Rob Wicker

I recently talked to my old friend Bill Scott about the Homes & Land offering. Bill and I go way back, having worked together at the CENTURY 21 Regional Office in Miami where Bill was the Executive Director. Bill is still active in real estate as a Senior Vice President with a major franchise

Bill reiterated to me that one of the problems agents are having today is meeting the expectations of sellers. The market is tough and sometimes home sellers feel like their agent is not doing enough to promote the listed property. 

This can be a perception issue. There’s nothing really exciting to report or the agent is embarrassed about the lack of traffic to the listing, so the agent fails to communicate with the seller. Lack of communication implies to the seller that the agent is not trying hard enough to sell the home.

Bill especially liked a couple of the programs Homes & Land uses to help our advertisers stay in touch with sellers. With our Client Contact program, Homes & Land magazine is mailed to the home sellers, illustrating that the listed property is being advertised in a quality publication. We also include a personalized letter from the President of Homes & Land endorsing the marketing efforts of the agent. 

Something else that works well in communicating with sellers is our Wall Street Journal Spotlight program. For only $20, advertisers can buy a geo-targeted featured listing that appears at the top of searches on This is way under the list price, and sellers really appreciate that their home is promoted through a great brand like the Wall Street Journal. 

Your local Homes & Land Publisher can give you complete details on both of these programs.

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