Easy Content Sharing

There is a lot of great content on the internet these days. Sometimes you run across an article or image that you would like to share with your 100,000 closest Facebook friends.

While it is technically possible to directly copy/paste content, it isn’t technically legal to do so. There are however a few solutions to help you share content from a website – even your own website or blog with all of your internet friends.

First – there is a Facebook Toolbar that bolts onto Mozilla Firefox, the free Open Source web browser. This handy Firefox add-on allows you to search Facebook from anywhere, receive notifications, connect with friends, upload photos and share content that you find on any other web page.

For those of you who use Internet Explorer, there is even a version of the Facebook Toolbar for IE that is also available.

Google also has a similar solution called the Google Toolbar that provides content sharing capabilities. Additional services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Bookmarks and even a Facebook gadget are integrated into the toolbar, giving you easy access to your digital world from a single location.

If you prefer for things to be a bit more automated and use your free time for writing great content of your own, hop on over to RSS Graffiti, install this little gem, point it to an RSS/Atom feed, set your configuration preferences and your Facebook wall is populated automatically.

In fact – if you are my Facebook friend – you’re probably reading this on my wall as we speak – and you probably thought I spent a lot of time making Facebook posts…

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