They’ll Miss Seeing You

by Rob Wicker

We recently posted a blog stating that real estate magazines are one of the best ways to keep yourself in front of both prospective buyers and past clients.

I had a conversation with Serena Ring, the Homes & Land Publisher in Winston Salem, NC. Serena told me about an advertiser’s experience that illustrates this point.

Victoria Frye, a veteran Realtor with 25 years of experience, had taken the inside back page of Homes & Land magazine for the last couple of years. Victoria decided to drop the ad because she was not sure if she were getting enough bang for her advertising buck. After only two issues of not being in Homes & Land magazine, people were already telling Victoria that they missed seeing her ad. This was an eye-opening experience for Victoria. She now believes that an integrated approach to marketing is a must for successful Realtors. Victoria is taking the inside back cover in the August issue of Homes & Land.

Out of sight, out of mind – print does matter.

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