Lessons on Commission Sales

by Adrian Amos

An old professor used to say that information only becomes knowledge once it’s applied. Thirty-year veteran real estate agent/broker David Fletcher takes his knowledge a step further in his recent article Three Principle-Based Lessons for Commission Sales People.

“Life’s lessons are based on principles, on truth,” said Fletcher. “The principle of gravity is the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. So are sales principles. We come to understand them through experience.

“I quit looking for keys, steps, pitfalls, and secrets a long time ago,” Fletcher added. “I started looking for lessons, because as I look back on a 30-year career in commission sales, I remember the lessons that matter.”

Through his lifetime of experience Fletcher has maintained three principles which still apply to real estate today:

  1. You get paid to sell, not to show.
  2. Prospects are ready, willing and able to buy – if one of the three is missing, they’re a suspect.
  3. Not asking for business gets expensive

What lessons have your previous jobs taught you and are you applying that knowledge and experience in your current position?

Read more of Fletcher’s wisdom:  http://realtytimes.com/rtpages/20100722_threelesson.htm

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