Email Marketing Made Easy

Email Marketing is an easy and effective way to build a loyal audience of people who are interested in reading about you and the real estate industry. Many solutions exist that offer similar capabilities for creating email lists, building campaigns, distributing the email campaigns and then tracking the results.

One solution in particular deserves your attention. MailChimp is a web-based email marketing tool that provides you with a full suite of professional capabilities, not a watered down version of a product designed to upsell you into a paid monthly commitment.

Once you get past the name and the obvious connotation–‘It’s so easy a monkey can do it:–you recognize recognize the incredible value offered by the MailChimp team. You’ll soon find yourself effortlessly creating effective email marketing campaigns.

MailChimp does offer paid accounts, though their “Forever Free Plan” affords you access to all of the features and services of their high end accounts. The major difference is that a free account limits your subscriber list to 500 and you are limited to sending 3,000 emails per month. These “limitations” are very generous considering you pay $0 for a professional product like MailChimp.

Monthly plans for 501-1,000 subscribers start at only $15/month. Flexible and convenient “Pay As You Go Plans” allow you to buy “credits” that enable you to buy and send emails as you need them with per email prices ranging from $0.03 – $0.005 per email.

Although High Volume plans are beyond the scope of most individual agent’s marketing budgets, they are available and range from $380 – $690 per month and allow you to send up to 1,200,000 emails per month.

Professionally produced tutorial videos get you started on your way to a successful email marketing campaign, and there are even live online training webinars offered almost daily that are about 45 minutes long and allow you to ask the trainer questions at the end of the session. Did I mention this training is free as well?

MailChimp is undeniably one of the best offerings on the web. Feautures such as flexible account solutions, no monthly contracts, free training, attractive HTML templates, statistics tracking and the “Forever Free Plan” make you look like you’ve hired an entire marketing firm.

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