Give Marketing A Chance

by Rob Wicker

I once worked for CENTURY 21’s Regional Headquarters in Miami. The company was very conscientious about bringing in big name sales trainers to educate agents. Most of the sales trainers were good, and the agents obviously enjoyed the training. These training sessions would often end with agents jogging to the back of the ballroom to purchase cassettes (this was fifteen years ago).

 Sales training was everywhere, but what has always been lacking in the real estate industry is quality training on how to market yourself and your listings. This, I think, is the primary reason agents make such basic marketing mistakes. One mistake that especially bothers me is when agents take a shotgun approach to advertising. They’ll be in a magazine for a couple of issues, switch to radio, try direct mail, never committing to any one medium long enough to gauge its effectiveness. This is the Ricochet Rabbit approach to marketing.

 Our lives are more fragmented than ever; as a result, it is difficult to communicate your marketing message. Consistency is the key to creating top of mind awareness. Your target audience needs to receive your message over and over and over. That’s why we use the word campaign. In my mind, four months is needed to qualify as a campaign. This gives you sufficient time to measure your results and determine if you made a good marketing investment.


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One response to “Give Marketing A Chance

  1. Well said, Rob.
    “Consistency IS the key!”

    In the best-selling book, “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell claims that greatness requires enourmous time & practice (or consistency). This can be summed up in what he refers to as the “10,000 hour rule”…where it takes 10,000 hours of practice in a given field to truly excel at it!

    Can the “10,000 hour rule” be applied to advertising/marketing?
    I see it all the time.
    Take Homes & Land as an example.
    I have some clients that use EVERY aspect of Homes & Land consistently, 24/7.
    They upload all their active listings and updated them all the time, they upload multiple photos and make use of EZTours, they use their AdEssential Websites, they consistently use Homes & Land as a listing tool and as a client fulfillment tool, they make use of HomeMail, and consistently advertise regardless of the season or market.
    Guess what? They dominate in their respective fields.

    When a person is consistent/persistent and uses the best tools at their disposal, they can achieve tremendous sucess.

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