Trust, Credibility, Reliability…It’s Important

By Carolyn Hicks

I drive a Toyota, but it is the first Toyota I have ever owned in my 30+ years of driving. I bought it just after I got married because my husband believes in their reliability and safety and wanted me to have one. (Not to mention that everyone in his family drives a Toyota and are all happy with their vehicles.) Even though Toyota has had its share of problems lately, I must say I love my car and wouldn’t want to change it for the world – I am now loyal to the brand.

 I bring this up because I read an article about the importance of branding by Chris Kaucnik, Is Yours a Trusted Brand? It made me think about how important trust, reliability and loyalty are to any business, especially real estate professionals.  Trust, reliability and loyalty are established and strengthened through branding.

How are you doing in building your brand and earning the trust of your clients?


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