Market Yourself With Professionalism

by Rob Wicker

One of the keys to success in marketing is consistency. In print advertising, this means a consistent image, a consistent design, and a consistent message. The reason consistency is so important is because there is a lot of clutter in the marketplace. The 3M company once estimated that the average American consumer is exposed to 3,000 advertising messages per day! That’s right—per day. This doesn’t mean that we comprehend those messages. In fact we comprehend very few of them. But it does mean that information is constantly flowing all around us.  

Consistency is the factor that can break through this deluge and help you get noticed and remembered. That’s why it amazes and disappoints me when I see real estate agents who are unwilling to spend the set-up costs that will make them look professional. An amateurish photo and design makes you look…like an amateur. In every marketplace there is a lot of talent. Invest money with a professional photographer. Have a proven graphic designer work on your lay-out. If you want to use a slogan and don’t like to write, hire a copywriter.

Sure you have to put up some cash, but you can use that photograph, design, and slogan for a long time. In fact you want to use them for a long time—that’s how you break through the clutter. You’re a professional. Make sure your marketing reflects that.


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