10 Tips to Market Yourself With Professionalism

by Rob Wicker

Real estate agents don’t need to be graphic design experts; however, there are some basic design practices that can help you project a professional image in your advertising. Here are ten tips to help you look more professional:

  1. Everything has a reason. Just as in your ad copy you delete superfluous words, in make sure that every element in your ad design has a purpose—either the element provides content or it makes the ad more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Proportion means that the most important element in the ad is also the largest.
  3. Balance the elements of the ad. Too many elements in one area result in a lopsided ad.
  4. Let white space work for you.
  5. Use a maximum of two fonts per document. I have seen many ads (and especially flyers and brochures) where the agent uses four or five different fonts. This gives the piece an amateurish look.
  6. Use upper and lower case letters in both your headline and your body copy. UPPER CASE IS HARD TO READ.
  7. Limit bold words to a dozen. Too much bold is hard to read.
  8. Limit italicized words to a dozen. See above.
  9. Reversed copy (white letters on dark background) is also hard to read. You are better off not reversing your ad, even if black is a company color.
  10. . Most important: Simplicity is best, less is more! This is the most common mistake I see in real estate advertising. Agents want to make sure they get the maximum value from their ads, so they include too much of everything. (See #4 above).

A good practice is to occasionally go to Borders, Barnes & Noble, or another large book store and browse through the magazine section. Don’t just look at the House & Home section. Look at a variety of magazines, the more diverse the better. You’ll get a feel for trends and this may also stimulate your creativity in other areas of your real estate practice.


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