Why You Need Fans on Facebook

by Adrian Amos

Michael Russer (aka Mr. Internet) recently wrote a feature story on a Realtor® with over 50,000 fans for his Facebook page. Douglas Newby of Architecturally Significant Homes in Dallas, TX specializes in modern homes and built his fan page to highlight unique architecture. Starting with 0 fans in September, 2009, Newby has grown to well over 50,000 in five months. (Realtor.com currently has just over 3,000 fans.)

Why is having this kind of Facebook presence important?

Traffic. Newby’s main website “saw an increase of over 5,000 new unique visitors. Almost all of that new traffic is directly related to his Facebook strategy,” Russer wrote.

And buyers. Newby himself said that “There has been a dramatic increase in the number of buyers contacting me about modern homes for sale or potentially for sale because they appreciate me sharing their passion for modern homes.”

Russer shares his four-step approach to building a successful Facebook Fan page and offers tips for building your fan base here.


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