Using Your Super Power

by Rob Wicker

We typically come into contact with dozens of people every day – at social events, at the grocery store, at local meetings, etc. When you introduce yourself, do you tell potential clients you’re a Realtor®? Do you say anything that differentiates you from the other agents in the marketplace?

In his blog, marketing guru Seth Godin uses the analogy of Super Heroes and their superpowers to illustrate how to succinctly promote our special skill.

Plastic Man’s super power is that he has all the properties of rubber and he uses that power to help people. If you don’t know about Plastic Man’s superpower, he just comes across as one weird looking dude. Of course, your superpower is probably more mundane than Plastic Man’s, but it will still be of interest to the right people. Here’s an example from Godin’s blog:

“When you meet someone, you need to have a super power. If you don’t, you’re just another handshake. Don’t say, “Hi, I’m Don, I’m from Cleveland.” Instead, try, “Hi, I’m Don, I tell stories that spread.” It’s not about touting yourself or coming on too strong. It’s about making the introduction meaningful. If I don’t know your superpower, then I don’t know how you can help me (or I can help you).”

This won’t be appropriate in every social encounter obviously, but for networking events or large gatherings, including “Waterfront properties are my specialty” with your introduction may lead to interesting conversations and more business.

Read Godin’s blog here.

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