Drive Traffic In Your Direction

by Rob Wicker

One of the best ways to generate traffic for your website and online listings is to advertise offline. Independent research shows that magazines are by far the best driver of real estate consumers compared to other advertising options. See the graph below:

magazines drive traffic online

Smart marketers know that it’s not print or the Internet—its print AND the Internet.


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3 responses to “Drive Traffic In Your Direction

  1. A recent cover home on the local Homes & Land Magazine was awarded to the listing agent because at the home owners favorite lunchtime restaurant, he always picked up a copy of Homes & Land Magazine and found her ads there every issue. He shared with me that is the reason he selected the agent, because of her consistency in promoting the listings she represented.

    • Rob Wicker

      This a great example of how consistentency in advertising works. Also, quality marketing can achieve more than just generating leads. An agent should consider the long term benefits of their marketing. Thanks Rick.

  2. Great example Sir 🙂

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