What’s In a Name? A Lot.

by Rob Wicker

When you forget someone’s name you show disrespect. You are implying that whoever’s name you forgot isn’t important enough for you to remember. That’s not usually the case but that’s how you come across. It’s even worse to misspell a name—and we all have—and when you do misspell a name a thousand apologies are in order. These are some tips from Fortune magazine that can help you remember names:

  1. Introduce yourself first.
        That way you can focus on the other person.
  2. Connect the name to your brain.
        When you meet someone named Bill, think of other Bills that you know.
  3. Use the name three times.
        Once to confirm you have the name right, then in mid-conversation, and again
        when you say good-bye.

The first two tips are easy to implement and work great. Tip #3 is a little trickier to implement – you can come across as insincere if the conversation is short and you are too consciously using a name three times. If the conversation or presentation is longer than five minutes, using the name three times should be easy as well.

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