Looking for Leads? Direct Mail Could be the Key

By Bill Edwards, Marketing Services Manager

The buzz these days is all about social media—and it is an interesting phenomenon. However, one of the best ways to generate qualified leads is a more traditional form of marketing: direct mail. Why is direct mail still an important prospecting tool for today’s real estate professionals? Because direct mail is one of the best ways to reach a target audience.

The key is to carefully consider who comprises the best possible market for your listing. You should also consider if prospective buyers are likely to come from the local market or a feeder market. For example, if you determine that your listing is perfect for first-time homebuyers in your area, mail 500 postcards or flyers to married couples between the ages of 24-34 that are currently renting and have children. If you are selling a golf course community, mail to wealthy households from your feeder market who like to play golf.

If you are not currently using direct mail you will be amazed at how precise list vendors can be in delivering your target market. Think in terms of lifestyle and demographics. Lifestyle targets may include people who like the beach, boating, skiing, horses, and cultural preferences. Demographics to consider are household income, property values, length of residence, age, marital status, children, and gender.

Lists can be obtained from online websites. Three reputable list vendors that I have used are infoUSA, Alesco Data Group, and Melissa Data. These vendors offer easy to navigate websites. List cost will vary depending on the type of list and how many demographic selections you choose.

After you obtain your list, one strategy to consider is mailing a Homes & Land magazine along with a cover letter. This not only gives you great exposure, but the magazine is also a nice gift for your target market.


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