Showing Appreciation

by Rob Wicker

Have you ever flown first class? The first time you do it’s pretty cool, especially on a long flight. Better service, better food, more attention, and most importantly, you sit in a big fat seat. You are segmented from what now seems like the riff-raff in the back of the plane. How did you get that fat seat? You either paid more money or you fly a lot and got an upgrade.

The airlines report that, in fact, most people are in first class because they are frequent flyers, which makes them special. If you want to see an amusing portrait of a high flying sultan pampered by both airlines and hotels, go see Up In The Air with George Clooney.

How does this relate to your business? We all want to, at least occasionally, feel special. The problem is that people get lumped into groups. One of the groups in the real estate business is “past clients.” You probably do something for all of your past clients: holiday and birthday cards, a newsletter, maybe a magazine, and occasionally a phone call or personal note.

I bet you have a subset of your past client database that is indeed special—and deserves something more than a holiday card. These past clients are special because they have a high regard for your professional services and have given you referrals or repeat business. Maybe they are special because they are well connected politically, socially or commercially and have the potential to be major referrers.

What can you do to make your best clients feel appreciated? Tickets to cultural events, rounds of golf, lunch—the options are pretty easy to identify. I know a top producing agent in New England that throws an elegant party every summer, and she points to this party as a primary source of business. So make a list, have some fun with your best clients, and grow your business.

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