Photography Tips to Attract Buyers

by Doug Smidley, President, Homes & Land LLC

Home at an Angle
It’s no secret that great photographs can attract qualified buyers. More than ever, agents are including multiple photos online and in real estate magazines. But not all photos can sell a home. Dark or cluttered shots can work against the agent’s objective and leave active homebuyers with the wrong impression.

Photography experts say that the best light for an exterior photo is in the early morning just after sunrise or late in the afternoon. This goes for interior shots as well; but even with the low lying sun it’s best to use a flash.

Here are some other compositional tips to set up spectacular shots:

  • Use the room’s perspective. Follow the line of the windows, archway, or stairway to take interesting and dynamic shots.
  • Avoid taking photos of large areas of ‘nothing’ or the backs of couches. Use tabletops and their settings to lead into the rest of the room (ie. dining to kitchen).
  • To minimize the chance of reflections, position a light near the camera, or to the far left or far right of the room.
  • Rooms with full-length windows are virtually impossible to light normally. Slightly lowering window coverings can help.

Photographing the exterior of a home also takes some work. Try to break out of the usual cookie-cutter shot to include some of the side of the home to show depth. Also, avoid potential distractions such as fences, garbage cans, signage (including real estate signs), utility boxes, telephone wires and even parked cars.

Poorly shot photos tell little about a property. Taking the time to shoot the best possible photograph can showcase both your professionalism as well as the property – and you dramatically increase your opportunity to attract qualified buyers.

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