Advertising Can Help Justify the Price

By Rob Wicker

According to the NAR, homebuyers spend on average 12 weeks looking for their next home. These homebuyers use a variety of media to compare properties. They also visit open houses to better understand the market. It doesn’t take long for buyers to get a feel for what they can afford.

That’s why it is important when advertising your listings to make sure you justify the price of the property. For example a bad photograph, perhaps taken from an angle that is not flattering to the property, can under represent the listing’s value. There may also be benefits, such as proximity to a university or a hospital, that enhance the value of a smaller home.

The bottom line is that if the property is listed for $500,000, your ad better reflect $500,000 in value, both in terms of the photograph and the benefits. Otherwise, you’ll get no leads from the ad. You already know this but haste has a way of overriding sound advertising practices.

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