What It Takes To Be a Top Producer

Many of us recognize certain shared characteristics in top producers. The Harvard Business School has gone a step further and identified the common traits of top salespeople. See if you share some of these traits:

  • Total acceptance of responsibility for results. Instead of believing that an outside influence such as the economy or the market affects sales, top sales people become more creative and discover ways to make these conditions work for them.
  • Never take “no” personally. This is not to say there is no disappointment, but the key is to not dwell on it or allow it to get in the way of future sales.
  • Higher than average ambition. With the right drive, a sales person can get ahead just by how they plan their time on and off the job – including their choice of friends and associates.
  • High level of empathy. Top producers are able to relate to the customer’s position, to imagine their needs and concerns. They also make a habit of responding appropriately.
  • Intensely goal oriented. These high performers are crystal clear on where they are going and closely monitor their progress, which helps keep distractions at bay.
  • Will power and determination. Self discipline is a key driver, which means that no matter how tempted, top producers remain persistent in reaching their goals.
  • Honesty with themselves and their customers. Never compromise integrity by stretching the truth, thereby earning the loyalty of customers.
  • Knows no strangers. Even in new situations, top sales people find a way to break through the discomfort and make friends of total strangers.

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