Is Branding Important?

by Rob Wicker

As my friend Jim Droz points out, “In any industry, the best known product is usually the one most frequently purchased.” This thought came to me as I was looking at a list of BusinessWeeks’ 100 Best Global Brands. In composing the list, BusinessWeek’s methodology included multiple factors, including brand recognition. As you go down the list, ask yourself if that brand is the best known in its industry, e.g., Coca-Cola in the carbonated beverage industry.

BusinessWeek's Top 100 Brands

Top 100 Brands

Does the Jim Droz Theory hold true for real estate agents? I have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years, and I have known a few agents that were able to fly under the public’s radar and still do a lot of business. On the other hand, ask yourself who is the best known agent in your market? I would bet money that if the best known agent isn’t at the top, he or she is within shouting distance. Branding is huge. In future blogs we will discuss how you can break through the media clutter and establish a personal brand.


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2 responses to “Is Branding Important?

  1. Branding, in my opinion and professional experience, is the most important thing you need to work at developing and improving in your real estate carreer. Especially online. To have a recognized name or brand in the markets you do business allows people to have the needed comfort level with you experience level and ability to get their transactions done.

    • robduck

      I did a focus group with agents a few days ago and they emphasized to us how important their image is to them.
      Thanks for the comment.

      Rob Wicker

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