Branding For Referrals

by Rob Wicker

Most agents accept the fact that there are benefits to branding. It’s nice to be in a restaurant or at a party and be acknowledged as a real estate professional by someone you’ve never met. “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you,” as the saying goes. We all know agents that have successfully branded themselves, and that branding can be translated into actual dollars.

A benefit of branding that may be overlooked is the impact it can have on past clients. Everyone knows that real estate is a fluid business. It may have been five years since you last did business with a client. When that client sees you professionally presented in a variety of media, she knows that you are still active in the business and understand the needs of today’s buyers and sellers. This gives her the confidence to refer friends and family your way.

Because you have been referred, you now have more influence with your new prospects. This influence can be especially helpful on a listing presentation. The sellers respect you and have faith that you can sell a house. After all, that’s what they were told by your client. The sellers are therefore more likely to take your advice when it comes to pricing their home. Evidence and rationality will trump emotion, and you can get the property listed for a price that is supported by the market. Branding is a big deal, even to people you already know.

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