The Most Bang For Your Buck

by Rob Wicker, Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Anderson is the Editor in Chief of Wired magazine and, as well as the author of the bestselling book, The Long Tail. Here is a quote by Mr. Anderson that I recently read on Salon:

“It’s about efficiency. Online people tend not to look at banner ads. In print people tend to look at the ads just because they’re better-integrated, better-looking ads. They’re big, full-page, beautiful photography. In many ways they are content. That’s why advertisers spend $22 to reach 1,000 people on — and $100 at the magazine. I don’t think we have discovered the perfect online advertising vehicle yet.”

I still occasionally hear that print is dead. I don’t know about newspapers, but I believe that magazines are too much enjoyed by all generations to pass away any time soon. Here’s some evidence for that view from Media Generations, written by Martin Block and Don Shultz, both affiliated with Northwestern University. The chart focuses on a variety of media measured across eight product categories; the cost per thousand; and the influence each medium has on consumers. In other words, the study explains how you can get the most bang for your buck with your advertising dollars:

Cost by Influence

As Chris Anderson says, magazine ads are essentially content, and we pay attention to magazine ads because we enjoy them. That’s why they are effective.

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