Welcome to ThinkHomesAndLand

by Rob Wicker, Chief Marketing Officer

Rob WickerOur core mission at Homes & Land is to deliver a solid return on an advertiser’s investment with us. If you are already a Homes & Land advertiser, you know that a lot of thought and experience has gone into the development of our offering. I do believe that no one else provides as many bundled benefits as Homes & Land.

That being said, marketing for real estate practitioners is a tricky business. There are so many options to consider and skills to be mastered (or hired). Technology has made our industry more interesting, but a significant level of complexity has been added to the marketing mix. There are decisions to be made regarding media, message, design, spend—on and on and on—and now you’re supposed to be an expert in social media too. No wonder so many agents look frazzled.

Something I’ve observed in my 20+ years in real estate is that there is a lot of good sales training in this industry, but not a lot of good advice on marketing practices. This is one of my beefs with how new agents are brought into the industry. They should be taught from the get-go to think of themselves as real estate marketers, rather than exclusively as real estate salespeople. Even with the lack of training, there is no doubt in my mind that more real estate transactions originate from marketing than through direct sales efforts.

This brings us to the focus of our blog. ThinkHomesAndLand.com is all about delivering the best marketing advice and evidence we can muster. We’d also like to take some of the stress out of the marketing decisions you need to make. Future blog posts will include a look at the components and strategies behind effective print and online advertising. We will also seek wisdom from our publishers and advertisers; we are especially interested in success stories backed up by facts.

The blog title, ThinkHomesAndLand.com, is of course self-serving. We would like for you to think of Homes & Land whenever you have a real estate marketing need. The title also points to our current slogan, Think Big, Think Homes & Land. Many of our advertisers, possibly including you, have big career goals. They want to succeed on a large scale, to enjoy a high income, to win the major awards. We hope this blog, perhaps even in a small way, helps you achieve whatever your career goals may be.

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