– Enhanced Statistics recently upgraded the website statistics to offer advertisers more detailed information in a user-friendly format. Information on listing views not only shows you in real-time the exposure Homes & Land provides you and your inventory, but it also gives you concrete information to take back to your home sellers.

To view your statistics, simply log in to your control panel through and under the My Website tab click on View Website Stats.

As you can see the Statistics Summary page is a quick graphical reference to obtain information about the number of unique visitors, total page views, and EZ Tour views related to your Homes And Land listing inventory for the current month, as well as for the past 12 months. Please be aware EZ Tour stats have just recently been fully integrated so the 12 month total is incomplete at this time.

This page can help you quickly identify any significant trends in traffic that have resulted from changes to your marketing strategy for your listings.

You can easily change the Month you wish to view statistics for by clicking the “View” link in the menu on the left side of the statistics page.

The Listing Detail page gives you an overview of your most viewed listings as well as a list of the number of views each of your listings have received. This not only shows you how much traffic a particular listing is getting, but is something you can share with your home seller so they can see tangible results from the online marketing of their home. For example, if you feel the sales price is too high and need to work with sellers on reducing the price, you have information on similar listings to show a comparison of traffic patterns as justification for a possible price decrease.

The Program Details page simply shows the top viewed programs visitors accessed on while researching your properties, such as the Listing Detail Page, Map, EZ Tour, Slideshow, etc.

The Referrer Details page shows the previous URL visited before viewing your listing. This can tell you where traffic originated –, Homes & Land’s local magazine site, your personal AdEssential website, or one of our many online partner sites, etc.

So, Log in to your personal control panel and check your listing statistics today to see the extent that Homes & Land is working for you. This feature will help you to secure new listings as well as prove your online savvy to your current home sellers. If you have questions on your statistics, please contact your local Publisher.

Thank you for your business.

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