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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015


Homes & Land magazines will ‘go pink’ to raise funds during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. —Homes & Land magazines nationwide will be wearing pink ribbons during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October as local Publishers, real estate agents and the company’s corporate office team up to raise money for charity.

The first “Homes & Land Cares” Pink Campaign, in 2014, raised approximately $25,000 for national and local organizations supporting breast cancer awareness, research and patient services. The total includes $10,000 donated to the American Cancer Society by the Homes & Land corporate office. The remainder was raised by the Publishers of 85 local magazines and their advertisers, in locations ranging from Malibu, Calif., to Outer Banks, N.C., from Vermont to New Smyrna Beach, Fla., and multiple points in between.

This year the corporate office has again pledged to contribute money to the American Cancer Society for each magazine page displaying a pink ribbon in October, up to at total of $10,000. Participating Publishers will donate advertising space and raise funds for contribution to either a local or national nonprofit organization involved in the fight against breast cancer.

“The initial ‘Homes & Land Cares’ Pink Campaign was a great success in uniting our Publishers and advertisers for a good cause. This year we’re committed to repeating and exceeding that achievement,” said Allen Harrod, President of Homes & Land.

“Most of us know someone who has dealt with breast cancer, and more than a few people in the nationwide Homes & Land family have been affected directly. The company would like to support efforts to combat the disease in all the communities we serve,” Harrod said.

About Homes & Land

Homes & Land is one of the most trusted brands in real estate and a leading marketer of properties for sale in print and online at Headquartered in Tallahassee, Fla., the company supports a franchise network of more than 220 Homes & Land-affiliated magazines in communities throughout the United States and Canada. Homes & Land distributes more than 27 million magazines a year.

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For more information about the "Homes & Land Cares" campaign or the company, contact Rob Wicker, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Training, at (850) 575-0189 or

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Show them your algorithm

The online number crunchers have their algorithms for figuring property value, and Rick Jarvis, founder of One South Realty in Richmond, Va., has his.

“At the end of the day, good agents are far better at impacting their client’s decision about individual houses than any über-computer run by any team of Stanford grads will ever be,” Rick writes. “Our algorithms incorporate things that the computer models cannot even fathom and we change them each and every day based on the need of the clients we are working with.”

Here’s how Rick shows his algorithm for clients:

YOUR Best Decision = YOUR NEEDS + As Much Math as Required + Current Market Conditions + YOUR NEEDS + Schools + What is Available + YOUR NEEDS + Time of Year + Decor + Architect + Parking + Other Agent + [Local Area] + YOUR NEEDS + Timing + Development + Inspections + Lender + YOUR NEEDS + Builder + Trends + Whatever Else Needs to Go Into the Analysis + YOUR NEEDS

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How to sell more . . .

In the case of 13-year-old Katie Francis of Oklahoma City, that might be how to sell more of most anything. The Girl Scout sold 22,200 boxes of cookies this year to break the world record she set in 2014. Young Katie has been offered multiple jobs and motivational speaking engagements. The New York Times recently sought her out, and she gave the newspaper a few sales tips:

◼ Always smile at your customers. “No one wants to buy from a person who is frowning.”

◼ Don’t dawdle with people who turn you down. “Move on and find the yesses.”

◼ And finally: “There is more than one way to sell a cookie.”

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This house is a star

Stop us if you saw this one already, but we’re amazed by the $40,000 “lifestyle film” that two California real estate agents commissioned to help sell a $33 million home in West Hollywood. The Los Angeles Times featured the video in a July 12 write-up on over-the-top marketing for luxury homes.

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Down to the last detail

Realtor and blogger Jeffrey Hogue digs down to figure out why homebuyers have become so picky. In 2015, a “Home Sale May Come Down to Nooks & Crannies.”

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